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Samsung Galaxy S11, S11 Plus, and S11e: Everything we know so far

C. Scott Brown December 5, 2019 420 shares

Qualcomm’s 7c and 8c chips would make a lot more sense on Chromebooks

David Imel December 5, 2019 110 shares

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865: Everything you need to know

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Focused on photography, the Kodak Ektra Smartphone arrives in India

While the Kodak Ektra is a pretty good mid-range smartphone focused on photography, Android Marshmallow in second half of 2017 is disappointing, and almost unacceptable.
Abhishek BaxiJuly 17, 2017183 shares

Photography-centric Kodak Ektra now available in the US

The Kodak Ektra has made its way to the US and is much cheaper than expected at $399.99.
Mitja RutnikMay 25, 2017512 shares

The photo-themed Kodak Ektra is coming to the US and Canada in April

The Kodak Ektra smartphone, which launched in Europe in December with its 21MP rear camera, is coming to the US and Canada in April.
John CallahamJanuary 6, 2017431 shares

The Kodak Ektra is now on sale, but what chance does it really have?

The photography-focused Kodak Ektra has an uphill battle on its hands: dethrone the best Android smartphone cameras around without top-notch specs.
Kris CarlonDecember 10, 20161158 shares

Kodak Launches Smart LED TVs in India starting at Rs 13,500

American imaging pioneer Kodak has launched its new range of Smart LED TVs in India starting at Rs 13,500.
Sanjit DuttAugust 11, 2016338 shares

Kodak licenses trademark to Bullitt for new Kodak IM5 smartphone

Kodak has partnered with Bullitt to launch a smartphone. It has a 13MP camera and a 5 inch HD display, but the real power is in the photo management software.
Gary SimsJanuary 6, 20151637 shares

Kodak to launch a photography focused smartphone at CES 2015

Kodak & Bullit are to release a smartphone aimed photography enthusiasts at CES next month, with additional products to follow throughout 2015.
Robert TriggsDecember 23, 2014525 shares

Bedfellows: Google and Apple to benefit from Kodak patent sale

When patents are involved, Google and Apple are willing to work together.
Bogdan PetrovanDecember 19, 201257 shares

Apple and Google are teaming up to bid $500M for Kodak patents

In the name of business, your enemy today might be your friend tomorrow, if you both can work out a mutually beneficial deal. In line with this, Google and Apple -- supposedly ...
J. Angelo RacomaDecember 8, 2012258 shares

Kodak may form licencing company if patent auction fails

So far, Kodak hasn't done as well as it hoped to with the sale of its patent portfolio. Now the company, which filed for bankruptcy in January of this year, is saying that it may form a ...
Kristofer WoukSeptember 18, 201254 shares
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