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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip vs Motorola Razr: An easy choice

David Imel 17 hours ago 163 shares

24 hours with the Galaxy Z Flip: Surprised by how much I like it

Eric Zeman February 15, 2020 1198 shares

Samsung Galaxy S20 hands-on: Out-featuring the competition

Eric Zeman February 11, 2020 780 shares

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: OK cool, but isn’t this a boring use of foldable tech?

Oliver Cragg February 16, 2020 1509 shares
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Once a Bluetooth earpiece and speaker juggernaut, Jawbone appears to be no more

Maker of the popular Jambox and various Bluetooth earpieces, Jawbone appears to be done for as the company is reported to be in the liquidation process.
Williams PelegrinJuly 6, 2017132 shares

Jawbone rumored to leave wearables, going for medical services instead

New rumors suggest Jawgone is leaving its current products behind to enter a new market in the medical field. Will this project work out?
Edgar CervantesFebruary 5, 2017206 shares

Update: Jawbone refutes claims that it plans to exit the fitness tracker market

Jawbone has responded to the original report claiming that the company plans to sell off its remaining inventory and exit the fitness tracker market.
John DyeMay 31, 2016277 shares

Jawbone UP3 review

In a market filled with sub-$100 fitness trackers, how does the best from Jawbone compare? Find out everything you need to know in our Jawbone UP3 review.
Jimmy WestenbergMay 11, 2016144 shares

Best gifts for Mother’s Day

Need some help finding a good Mother's Day present? We have put together a list of awesome gadgets and accessories mom will be sure to love.
Edgar CervantesMay 4, 2016208 shares

In the future, wearables may be ingested and implanted, Jawbone CEO says

In a recent conference, Jawbone's CEO reveals the company has been investing a considerable amount of resources into developing internal sensors.
John DyeOctober 9, 2015390 shares

Jawbone announces redesigned UP2 and UP3, updates firmware for better sleep tracking and more

Jawbone has announced a number of new enhancements to its UP line of wearables, bringing big improvements to both the hardware and software side of things.
Jimmy WestenbergSeptember 9, 2015560 shares

Xiaomi emerges as a top player in the wearables market

According to IDC's research, Xiaomi claimed 24.6 percent of the wearable device market in Q1 2015, sky-rocketing the company to second place.
Robert TriggsJune 4, 20151411 shares

Huawei partners with Jawbone Up for TalkBand B2 launch

The Huawei TalkBand B2 is now available to buy and is the first third-party wearable device to integrate its data into the Jawbone Up fitness platform.
Nirave GondhiaJune 3, 2015610 shares

Google reportedly in talks to invest in Jawbone

Google is reportedly in talks to make a "strategic investment" in Jawbone, the popular fitness wearable maker.
Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 26, 2015690 shares
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