What to expect from the next generation of Android phone processors

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OnePlus CEO’s recent comment on cheap phones genuinely confuses us

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Wallpaper crash explained: Here’s how a simple image can soft-brick phones

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Samsung Galaxy A51 review: Great screen, bad performance

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How to call a function in Python

This post explains how to use a Python function call, how to pass variables.
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What is Python and how do you get started?

What is Python? Learn the answer and make your first app!
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Best online Python courses (May 2020)

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Top productivity gadgets for working from home

Using the right productivity gadgets can help you to work faster and more efficiently.
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How to work from home and find balance during lockdown

Working from home during lockdown can lead to feelings of cabin fever and isolation that ultimately hurt productivity.
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How to get into a flow state working from home

This post explores how you can get into a flow state while working at home.
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Workload management tips for working from home

If you're working from home, then workload management is a crucial skill to learn.
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Working from home with kids: Work-life balance for WFHers

This post discusses the challenges of working from home with kids.
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How to focus on work when you’re working from home

This post looks at how to focus on work when you don't have the structure of the office.
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Home office setup: How to separate your work space so you stay productive

How to create a home office setup to keep your work separate!
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