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How to tag someone on Facebook

Let someone know they're being talked about.
October 12, 2023

When posting a photo or story on Facebook, or on one of its notable alternatives, you may wish to notify the individuals featured in the content. The quickest way to do so is by tagging them, which triggers a notification informing them of the mention. But how do you tag someone on Facebook, and what steps should you take if you are tagged?


To tag someone in a Facebook photo, open the photo full-screen and click the Tag photo button. Click anywhere on the photo and start typing the name of the person you wish to tag in the box that pops up. To tag someone in a text post, click the blue figure icon in the Add to your post box and then type the person's name.


How to tag someone in a Facebook post

To tag someone in a Facebook post on both the desktop website and the mobile app, open the Create post box, and click the blue figure icon at the bottom.

facebook new post window

A search box will open up, allowing you to type the name of the person you wish to tag. The results update in real-time as you type, so you will likely find them after entering the first few letters of their name. The SUGGESTION box prioritizes your Facebook friends and followers, as well as those you tag most frequently.

facebook tag people list

Once you’ve found the person you wish to tag, simply click their name, and it will appear at the top of your post window. If you want to tag multiple people, repeat the above process, and their names will appear next to each other.

facebook tag person

How to mention someone in a Facebook post

Another alternative is to mention someone in the body of the text in a Facebook post. This can look and sound more natural when relating a story or mentioning an event.

To mention someone in a post, type @, and the userbox will pop up.

facebook mention

Select the person you wish to mention, and their name will be inserted into the box as a clickable link.

facebook mention 2

How to tag someone in a Facebook photo

To tag someone in a Facebook photo, open the photo in full and click the label icon in the top right-hand corner.

facebook photo tag icon

At the bottom of the photo, you will now see this message. Click anywhere on the photo.

facebook photo tagging 2

A search box will now appear where you can type to find the person you’re looking for. Once you have found them, select them, and their names will appear on the picture when you mouse over it. Click Finished tagging to exit the tagging process.

facebook photo tagging 3

How to approve or reject a Facebook tag

It makes sense to enable your account so that you can approve or reject each Facebook tag before the post appears on your timeline. Otherwise, if someone tags you in an embarrassing photo in a compromising position, it could cause you considerable embarrassment with your family, friends, and work colleagues.

To enable tag approvals, go here and scroll down to the Tagging and Reviewing sections.

facebook tagging settings

You can decide the privacy settings for tagged posts, as well as specify that you want to review all posts and tags you are in. Until you approve each one, they won’t appear on your Facebook page. They will, however, appear on the Facebook page of the person who tagged you, so you would have to tell them to remove your tag if the photo or post is too embarrassing.

You will be notified by Facebook when there is a post to review. You can then select Add to Profile to approve it, or Hide to reject it.

review facebook tag

Now that you know how to tag others don’t forget to wish your friends a Happy Birthday!


It’s quite possible that the username of their personal profile or business page is not what you think it is. Go to their page and look at the username. Type the username into the tag, and it should come up. However, only a few results are shown in the drop-down menu, so if the name is a common one, it may not appear.

A Facebook user can enable a feature in their account setting to manually approve or reject a tagged photo or post. If they have rejected the tagged photo or post, it will not appear on their page. Even if they have approved the tagged post or photo, privacy settings may prevent it from appearing on their page.

In some situations, it might be necessary to add a person as a friend on Facebook before you can tag them. Moreover, your tags may need approval from the person you tagged or the one who shared the photo (if it isn’t yours), depending on their privacy preferences for timeline or tag reviews.

You can manually tag all members in your posts or comments within a Facebook group by typing the @ symbol followed by everyone. Facebook will then display a list of group members, allowing you to select the @everyone option to tag everyone in the group. They will receive a notification indicating that they’ve been tagged in your post or comment.

When you tag someone, the Facebook shared post could be shown to both the person you tagged and their friends. This means that if you didn’t include their friends in who can see it before, now their friends might also be able to view it.