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T-Mobile unveils new Un-carrier plans for businesses, Un-contract initiative for consumers

During its Un-carrier 9.0 event today, T-Mobile announced a ton of new initiatives to give more discounts to businesses and consumers alike.

Published onMarch 18, 2015

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In the company’s Un-carrier 9.0 event this morning, T-Mobile has announced a few initiatives that focus on both businesses and consumers alike. T-Mobile CEO John Legere outed a new plan for businesses that will package unlimited talk, text and 1GB of LTE data starting at $16 per line for anywhere between 10 to 19 lines. If a business has 20 or more employees on the plan, it will only run $15 per line. And if a company has 1,000 or more employees, the monthly fee drops down to $10 per line. Additionally, businesses can add an extra 1GB of data per line for $10 extra per line, or bump up to unlimited data for $30 per line. The Un-carrier says that these business prices are up to 40% cheaper than what customers could get at AT&T and Verizon.

T-Mobile has also added in pooled data tiers for businesses, which will give companies 100GB of data for $4.75 per GB, 500GB of data for $4.50 per GB, and 1,000GB of data for $4.25 per GB. If the business goes over its allotted data pool for the month, each extra GB will cost the same amount. So, if a company goes over its 500GB data pool by 1GB, the extra data would only cost $4.50. T-Mobile is also providing a free .com domain and website through GoDaddy, allowing businesses to optimize their websites for both mobile and desktop experiences.

Business Family Discounts

The carrier is also rolling out “Business Family Discounts”, which provide discounts to families who already have service with T-Mobile though a company plan. So, if your business and your family are both on T-Mobile’s network, T-Mobile will count your business line as the first line in your family plan.


The Un-carrier has also announced two new initiatives for those who aren’t on business plans. The first of which is called the “Un-contract”, which will allow customers who sign up for a Simple Choice plan to keep that same price for two full years. Just to clarify, you aren’t stuck on T-Mobile for two years. The company is just assuring that your monthly rates won’t increase while you have service with them. The Un-contract will start for all Simple Choice customers on March 22nd.

Carrier Freedom

Carrier Freedom is the last big announcement the company had today, which is aimed towards consumers who are stuck in two-year contracts with AT&T’s Next program or Verizon’s Edge program. Taking the carrier’s “Contract Freedom” one step further, T-Mobile will pay for customers’ early termination fees and the remaining balance on their phone installment plans. T-Mobile explains:

To take advantage of Carrier Freedom, a customer simply ports their number to T-Mobile’s  wildly popular Simple Choice plan,  trades in their smartphone or tablet and buys one of our hot new smartphones. They’ll get the trade-in value right away, and a prepaid card with the balance of additional outstanding phone payments after the trade-in value when they submit the carrier’s bill to T-Mobile − up to $650 total per line on up to 10 total lines.

Businesses can also take advantage of Carrier Freedom as long as they have more than 10 lines. In that case, T-Mo will issue bill credits up to $100 per line after the 10th line. Carrier Freedom is extremely similar to the promotion Sprint unveiled a few days ago, offering to reimburse all cancellation fees to customers when they switch from their current carrier.

If you’d like to some more information on any of T-Mobile’s announcements, check out the source links below.

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