• At the T-Mobile Uncarrier Next event, T-Mobile revealed its new Team of Experts service.
  • T-Mobile Team of Experts will radically change how customer service interactions work within the company.
  • No more hold times, no more voice-recognition menus, and you can text with customer service instead of calling.

T-Mobile CEO and crock pot chef John Legere tweeted a teaser ad last week for today’s Uncarrier event. In the ad, which you can see below, Legere pushes a box marked “Decommissioned” into the room where Indiana Jones hid the Ark of the Covenant and says to himself, “They aren’t going to miss this.”

See for yourself below:

Well, what was in the box? Turns out it was interactive voice response systems, otherwise known as IVR. This is the “Please press one for English” or “For billing, press four” menus you have to deal with when making a customer service call.

Not only is T-Mobile removing all IVR from customer service calls, but it is also revamping its customer service teams to locally serve specific areas. In other words, when you call T-Mobile customer service, you won’t get routed to a rep in some other country; instead, you’ll be given over to a team of people specially selected to serve you and your local area.

This means that there’s a good chance that if you call T-Mobile customer service today, you’ll talk to the same person again when you call again the following week.

The T-Mobile logo.
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T-Mobile is calling this service T-Mobile Team of Experts. The service is free for all T-Mobile customers with no priority status — every customer gets treated the same.

On top of the new service operations, T-Mobile will also let you chat with customer service reps rather than having to call. This was available before in the T-Mobile app, but the company is enhancing the service.

If you want to call and there are no reps available to talk with you, Team of Experts will give you the option to schedule a time to chat. This will prevent you from having to wait on hold or getting a call back at an inconvenient time.

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T-Mobile spent much of the Uncarrier event pointing out how much customers across all industries hate IVR, hold times, and the “runaround” you get when being bounced from rep to rep without solving your problem. Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and others were specifically called out for having terrible customer service experiences.

With this Uncarrier event, T-Mobile is touting itself as being the best wireless network for customer service, putting “Customers First.”

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