T-Mobile introduced its “Un-carrier” initiative a few years back in hopes to shake up the wireless industry, and whether the other major carriers admit it or not, the program has certainly done just that. But T-Mobile doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon, which is why it’s launching the new “Un-carrier Amped” initiative this week.

Un-carrier Amped is a new series of announcements that will “amp up” several of T-Mobile’s most popular Un-carrier moves in a major way. The first announcement will take place this Thursday, June 25th, with many more announcements following in the weeks to come. Past Un-carrier moves include the Jump program, Music Freedom, Data Stash and many more.

T-Mobile didn’t give us any clues as to what we can expect to come out of Thursday’s announcement, so we’ll have to stay tuned to see what the carrier has to say. If you’re interested, head to the official Un-carrier Amped page for more information.

What do you think will be announced?