T-Mobile is making even more changes to its wireless plans including making a promise to always charge the advertised bill amount rather throwing in surprise surcharges and taxes. The company and its bombastic CEO John Legere made these announcements today at CES 2017.

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Starting on Jan. 22, the carrier will only be selling its T-Mobile ONE unlimited plan to new customers (existing customers can still stick with their current plans if they want). T-Mobile also promises that if they advertise a $40 a month plan, it will cost customers $40 a month, with all taxes and surcharges included in the advertised price.

Even if you don’t really need unlimited data, the new T-Mobile ONE plan will also offer those customers something called KickBack. If a customer uses 2 GB of data or less in a month, they will get up to $10 in credit in the next bill cycle. These changes are supposed to simplify bill payment at T-Mobile.

Of course, all of this sounds good, but you can bet that if customers do see an odd surcharge on their next bill under this new setup, it will look like T-Mobile is just hyping up something that doesn’t really exist. Hopefully, Legere will make good on these claims.