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Strava Membership: How much does it cost, and is it worth it?

Upgrade your account for even more stats.

Published onMarch 5, 2024

A Galaxy A51 displays the Strava subscription screen.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Arguably the most popular app for runners and cyclists, Strava provides tons of tools for elevated training. It’s especially useful for those sporting a fitness tracker or smartwatch throughout their workouts. Though a base-level account includes many useful features, users can unlock even more with a Strava membership. Find out what a premium Strava experience includes and whether it’s right for you.

What is a Strava membership?

A Galaxy A51 rests on a marble table displaying a newly unlocked Strava subscription.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Per month: $11.99
Billed annually: $79.99

Strava is the world’s largest social platform for athletes. It is also one of the world’s largest route resources, with millions of users uploading workouts daily. If you want full access to route-focused features, deeper insights, running/cycling training plans, and a more personalized training dashboard, a membership may be worth checking out.

Strava also promises expedited support for all paying members should you have questions or concerns about your account. If you are interested in testing out the features below, Strava offers a free 30-day trial period.

Training Log and Dashboard

Log all of your activities in one place. Strava will organize your data for all sports, show monthly comparisons, and highlight noteworthy stats.

Goal Setting

Membership lets you set personalized time, distance, cycling power, and performance goals. Additionally, weekly and yearly progress goals can help motivate your training over time. You can even set training plans for running and cycling.

Relative Effort

Relative Effort helps you determine how hard to push yourself. The feature provides a custom effort range for each workout based on your average weekly effort, so you know when you’re not going hard enough and when you’re overdoing it.

Live Segments and Segment Leaderboards

A Strava subscription also lets you track your progress on Strava segments. In addition to real-time performance stats, you can compare your PR to the current King or Queen of the Mountain and Course Record. Strava members can even filter leaderboards for more comparisons.

Since most Segments are incredibly hard to earn a top 10 spot on, daily and yearly leaderboards, as well as filtered leaderboards by gender/age/weight, allow you to stay competitive without facing off against the absolute best in the city.

HR & Power Analysis

Users who record heart rate or power data from fitness trackers can also import their data to Strava for analysis. This helps athletes garner deeper insights into their training and cardio output. Users can then personalize heart rate zones to train smarter.

Route Planning

A membership helps users cover more ground with suggested routes based on the activity of fellow athletes. Subscribers can create new routes from scratch on Strava’s website or generate routes via the Strava mobile app. Routes are also available to download for offline use.

Compare efforts and track more stats

With a Strava membership, users can track live performance data, such as distance and speed, and stats over time, such as fitness and fatigue levels. For clearer comparisons on regular routes, Strava will automatically line up repeated runs and rides. After competitions, Strava members can access post-race breakdowns to analyze their pace and splits.

Personal Heatmaps

In addition to the Global Heatmap, paying Strava members can access personal heatmaps. These interactive recordings of completed workouts show the routes you have covered worldwide.

Beacon on devices

Strava members can utilize the safety feature Strava Beacon from compatible devices such as a Garmin wearable or Apple Watch. Beacon allows friends and family to track athletes’ locations live during activity. Without a membership, Beacon is only available on your mobile device.

Partner Perks

A Strava membership also comes with perks from partner companies. These promotions include exclusive deals on fitness content and gear, discounts on entry fees for events and races, and more.

Is a Strava membership worth it?

A Galaxy A51 rests on a marble table display a user's Strava Maps tab.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

The value of a Strava membership really depends on the user. For most, a free Strava account provides all the features needed to track activity and form social bonds within the Strava community. In fact, many reviewers state that they pay for the Strava membership merely to help support a great product.

However, a few pay-walled features are popular enough to warrant a closer look for the following users:

  • Competitive types: With premium Live Segments, users can view their segment stats in real-time on the Strava mobile app and compatible devices. This helps facilitate personal bests. Plus, only paying members can fully analyze segment leaderboards, including filtering leaderboards for age or gender.
  • Trailblazers: As mentioned, a Strava membership allows you to create a route from scratch. Members can even generate routes based on customized preferences like distance and elevation. This tool is powerful for anyone who likes to explore new areas or keep their training grounds fresh.
  • Go-getters: The ability to customize goals and keep tabs on progress is a major benefit of a Strava membership. Performance-driven athletes motivated by benchmarks and goals will likely find immense value in the additional tools a premium account offers.

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