Stranger Things debuted on Netflix without a lot of fanfare in the summer of 2016, but it quickly turned into a huge mainstream hit. The sci-fi horror-themed series, set in the early 1980s, combined the nostalgic setting from that time with today’s impressive storytelling and production values. Netflix will debut the second season of Stranger Things on October 27, but ahead of its release, developer BonusXP has just launched a free game based on the show in the Google Play Store.

As you might expect, the Stranger Things game has an art style that’s made to look like a 16-bit console or arcade game from the early 80s. The action-adventure game lets you control several main characters from the show, as they explore the town and outskirts of Hawkins, Indiana. Each character has his or her own special ability, which comes in handy as they fight enemies, solve puzzles and collect items like Eggos and Gnomes.

Playing the game and collecting items will also allow players to unlock more content, which might even include some new footage from the second season of Stranger Things. This game is free to download and, thankfully, does not appear to include any in-app purchases. There will be some kind of update released on October 27, which again is when the second season of the show drops on Netflix.

What are your initial impressions of the free Stranger Things game? Does it help get you excited to see Season 2 in just a few weeks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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