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Sprint to kill two-year contracts… again

Sprint originally killed two-year contracts back in January only to have them spring back to life the following month. Soon they will be gone for good.

Published onMay 19, 2016


Back in August, Sprint announced that they would be doing away with two-year contracts at the start of 2016. The carrier was true to its word, and sure enough two-year contracts vanished from their system when January rolled around. However, just one month later, two-year contracts returned from the grave like a fiendish strigoi of Romanian lore. Now Android Central is reporting that the carrier is going to put a stake through the heart of the beast on May 24, finishing things once and for all.


Currently Sprint is the only major US carrier who is offering two-year contracts on the regular. Verizon now only makes them available to existing users after canning contracts in August of last year, and T-Mobile hasn’t had them since 2013. AT&T axed theirs at the same time Sprint did, but their contracts proved to not have quite the same resurrecting capabilities of Sprint’s.

Spokespersons for the carrier justified bringing back the plans because they said their customers were asking for “more choices to get their new device.”  Now instead of contracts, the company will just be financing and leasing devices on their programs. Users can also pay the full retail price for a smartphone up front.

What do you think about Sprint killing off their contracts? For a long time, this system was the standard fare of the mobile world, but it seems like May 24 will be the final death knell for 24-month contracts in the primary US market. Let us know your opinion in the comments below!