It’s not unheard of for people to boot up Linux or homebrew software on their smart refrigerator or games console. But what about installing Spotify on your vacuum cleaner?

Well, tinkerer Eddie Zhang figured out a way to install Spotify on his Xiaomi smart vacuum cleaner, according XDA-Developers.

Zhang shows off the feature in a video (seen at the top of the article), using the LibreSpot open-source Spotify client to control the music via his phone. The clip doesn’t go in-depth, but we do see the ability to skip tracks and control the volume.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 - ceramic back logo
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The audio quality from the vacuum cleaner is pretty poor, as you’d expect, but the sheer fact that this is running is extremely cool. We’re still not sure if you’d actually want to use this, as the vacuum noise pretty much drowns out the audio.

Zhang also details the setup process on his website, and it involves getting SSH access into your vacuum cleaner and installing Raspotify (a Spotify Connect client for Raspbian).