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Spotify down or not working? Here are a few fixes you can try.

Can't live without music? Get Spotify up and running in no time!
January 26, 2023
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Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service out there, holding a global market share of more than 30% as of Q1 2021. according to Midia Research. It’s no surprise quite a few of you are left tuneless with Spotify not working. If you’re having issues with the popular music streaming app, here are some solutions you can try to get back in the groove.

Editor’s note: All instructions were generated using a Pixel 4a running Android 11. Some of the steps below might be a bit different on your end, depending on the device you’re using.

Check if Spotify is down

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Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

Consider you might not be the only one having issues with Spotify not working. It could be a widespread issue. The first thing you can try is using Spotify on another device to see if it’s working. If Spotify is fine on another smartphone, tablet, or computer, then you know the problem is with your device.

Another good resource is the Spotify Status Twitter account, which lets you know when Spotify has any service-side problems. Alternatively, you can check Down Detector, a third-party website where users can report issues with many services. It’s usually spot-on, and it even includes a map with local outages.

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Close and reopen the application

Is Spotify not working only for you? If the problem is local, the simplest solution is to close and reopen the Spotify app. It may also help to log out and log back into Spotify. Either of these solutions might resync all data and get things working again.

Check for updates

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

While being an update or two behind usually won’t cause any issues, apps may stop working correctly if you’re several updates behind. This is especially the case with more significant updates that make big changes in the way things work within the app. It’s always a good practice to keep your apps as up-to-date as possible. Go ahead and check for updates in the Google Play Store.

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Restart your phone!

It may sound like a silly thing to try, but some magic goes on when you restart your phone. It’s one of the most recommended troubleshooting solutions, and it happens to work more often than not. Just give it a try!

Check your internet connection

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Another reason for Spotify not working may simply be because your internet connection is faulty. Go into another app or website and see if things are working correctly elsewhere. If nothing in your phone works, then chances are your internet is down.

Try restarting your router. Also, check your account with the internet provider and see if everything is as it should be. Forgetting to pay a bill happens to the best of us, and sometimes automatic payments can fail.

Those using cellular data may also want to check if the data connection is active:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go into Network & internet.
  3. Select Mobile network.
  4. Toggle Mobile data on.
  5. If you’re outside your country or network coverage, also toggle Roaming on (this may incur extra charges).

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Clear the Spotify app’s cache

Cache is one of the longest-debated topics in computer history. Should you clear it? It’s a topic for another day, but let’s just say it helps sometimes. New cache data can get corrupted and cause issues, so it’s good to clean it when experiencing problems with any app.

How to clear the cache on Android:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go into Apps & notifications.
  3. Find the Spotify app under See all apps.
  4. Tap on Storage & cache.
  5. Hit Clear Cache.
  6. You can also select Clear storage for a clean start.

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Clean up some storage space

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Those having trouble downloading songs may want to check how much space their smartphones have. With so many photos, songs, and videos on our devices, it can be easy to fill up the storage and leave no space for new Spotify song downloads.

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Is your volume down?

This may seem like the silliest problem, but it doesn’t hurt to check. After all, accidentally lowering your volume is a common issue. OR maybe you just forgot you muted your phone earlier. Just hit the volume up button and see if that’s why your songs weren’t playing!

Are you using Spotify Connect?

Spotify connect lets you stream Spotify directly from any wifi-enabled audio device in your house, including computers, TVs, and smart speakers. If you’ve recently used Connect, and you can’t get audio to play back now, it might be that you still have another device selected in Spotify Connect. Make sure you’ve got the right playback device selected, and you could fix your problems instantly.

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Is Spotify not working, still? Maybe it’s time to take things up a notch and get help from the company. Just head over to Spotify’s support page and look into their current articles. You can also access its community for more personalized questions and answers. If you have problems with music playback, you can check out our guide on what to do when Spotify won’t stop pausing.