Back in May Spotify introduced a new feature to its app geared towards runners. Unfortunately, this feature only made its way to iPhone users initially, but a new update is bringing the same functionality over to Android.

Dubbed “Spotify Running”, this special mode will recommend multi-genre playlists based on your previous listening habits, as well as ready-made running lists that are based on moods like “Burn” or “Epic”. You can also have the lists catered around the tempo of your workout, too. Spotify’s tech should ensure that only genres and music types you enjoy will be played. So if you only listen to rock, odds are Britney Spears shouldn’t show up in any of the auto-generated playlists. Of course, the pre-made lists might be another story.

It seems a little strange that it took Spotify so long to bring this feature over to Camp Android, but better late than never. At the time of this writing, the update isn’t live just yet, but Spotify ensures it will be showing up sometime today.