Space Pioneer 2

The makers of Real Boxing are getting ready to release a new space shooter game on Android. Called Space Pioneer, the game will see players explore the galaxy, discover new planets, and exterminate aliens.

The game is a top-down shooter that features some bright and colorful cartoon graphics. It’s almost the opposite of the realism found on Real Boxing. Nonetheless, it’s looking fantastic.

According to Vivid Games, there is an infinite number of missions as the objectives and enemies are different every time you play the game. They also say it will feature bosses to annihilate as well as RPG mechanics so you can improve your weapons and character.

There is no exact release date yet for the game but we do know is that it will be available sometime in May 2018. For more info check out Vivid Games’ website or add the game to your wishlist on Google Play.

Real Boxing 2 was featured on our recent list of the 15 best fighting games. Hopefully, Space Pioneer will be just as much fun to play.

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