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8 common problems with the Sony Xperia Z2 and how to fix them

We take a look at some of the common issues faced by Sony Xperia Z2 users, and offer potential solutions on how to fix them.

Published onOctober 29, 2014

As the first flagship Android phone for Sony in 2014, the Sony Xperia Z2 had a lot to live up to. Created with fantastic battery life, a good quality camera, and a strong screen, the phone came out on top with a lot of consumers this year. However, like any other smartphone, there have been a few issues with the Xperia Z2. As a result, we’ve tracked down the most commonly occurring problems that users have been experiencing with the Xperia Z2, and today, we’ll be offering up some potential solutions regarding how to resolve them.

Disclaimer: The Xperia Z2 is a great smartphone with many impressive features. You may not experience any of the problems that have been discussed below

Problem #1 – Phone won’t turn on

sony xperia z2 unboxing (11 of 24)

Some Xperia Z2 owners have found that their phone either suddenly turns off, or simply refuses to turn on, with all buttons remaining unresponsive for long periods of time.

Potential Solutions:

  • Connect the phone to a wall character then hold the volume up and power buttons for ten seconds, or until the device vibrates three times. Leave the phone to charge for around three hours.
  • Try repairing the phone from Sony Update, this will check for new firmware and install it. However, you will lose your data.
  • Try removing the “Google Now” widget.
  • Open the flap at the left side of the phone where the micro USB is, and press down on the small red button until the phone vibrates.

Problem #2 – Problems with Wi-Fi

sony xperia z2 unboxing (24 of 24)

Users have complained that their Wi-Fi either runs too slowly, doesn’t connect, or that the phone constantly drops the connection.

Potential Solutions:

  • Go to Settings – Wi-Fi- Advanced. Select “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep”.
  • Turn off power saving mode.
  • Turn off both the router and the phone for at least ten seconds, then turn them on again.
  • Ensure both the Xperia Z2 software settings and router firmware is up to date. To check on your device, go to Settings – About phone – Software updates – System updates.
  • Set your IP manually through Settings – Wi-Fi, hold down the network you want and tap Modify networkShow advanced options, and select
  • Change the router security settings or alter the channel/mode.
  • Double check that you typed the correct password.
  • Make sure the time zone is set to the country you’re in Settings – Date and Time, then reset your modem.
  • Go to Settings – Power Management – Stamina mode and turn it off.
  • Ensure the MAC filter on the device and router is turned off. In the Sony Xperia Z2 go to Settings – About phone – Status – Wi-Fi MAC address.
  • Attempt a factory reset (See details for this below).

Problem #3 – Issues with dropped calls/proximity sensor

sony xperia z2 aa (16 of 26)

There have been complaints about randomly dropped calls with the Sony Xperia Z2, or that the screen stays blank once the call has ended. This is likely an issue with the proximity sensor.

Potential Solutions:

  • Make sure the case, screen protector, or dirt on the touchscreen is not obscuring the proximity sensor.
  • Go to Settings – Display and ensure that Tap to wake up is unchecked.
  • Check your proximity sensors by going to Settings – about phone – diagnostics – choose test device – check ear proximity.
  • Dropped calls may result from a bad network connection. Check the coverage in your area.

Problem #4 – Tap to wake doesn’t work

sony xperia z2 aa (18 of 26)

Some Xperia Z2 owners have expressed problems in getting their phone to recognize the “tap to wake” feature.

Potential solutions:

  • Go to Settings – Display – Tap to wake up and make sure the feature is enabled.
  • Make sure you’re tapping the screen twice in the exact same place.
  • Try using your phone’s “tap to wake” when it is resting on a sturdy, level surface.

Problem #5 – Charges too slowly

sony xperia z2 unboxing (7 of 24)

Many users have reported that the Xperia Z2 usually takes over five hours to fully charge, or doesn’t charge at all.

Potential solutions:

  • Ensure you are using the cable that was provided with your handset. Third-party wall chargers and USB cables can use different voltage parameters which lead to charging problems.
  • Make sure that the cable and charger are properly connected.
  • Check that your USB cable is working properly by connecting your handset directly to your computer.
  • Attempt to use a different power outlet, or try charging another device from the same outlet.
  • If you find that your charger is the problem, you will have to request a replacement. If the charger is not the issue, then it is likely to be an issue with the device’s battery.

Problem #6 – Overheating when recording 4K video

sony xperia z2 aa (12 of 26)

A lot of users have complained about the device getting uncomfortably warm while recording 4K video. While a recent update has fixed this problem for some users, this issue still persists for a lot of others.

Potential Solutions:

  • Sony released an update to improve the performance of the phone that users can access through Settings – about phone – software updates – system updates, however this does not work for everyone.
  • Reduce the amount of time you shoot in 4K to no more than a few minutes each time.
  • Install a high capacity SD card to take the pressure off the processor.

Problem #7 – Facebook videos don’t play

sony xperia z2 aa (21 of 26)

Many users have suffered issues with using their Facebook video player on the Xperia Z2. Usually the video starts playing, before an error message pop up.

Potential Solutions:

  • Go to Settings – Apps – Facebook -Clear Cache then try playing videos again.
  • Try skipping past the point in the video when the error occurs.
  • Remove the Facebook app temporarily– this fix only appears to work for a short time.
  • Ensure that your Facebook app is updated by going to the Google Play Store, and selecting My Apps.
  • Go to Settings – Apps then tap the “All” tab and scroll to Xperia with Facebook. Tap Disable then try playing videos again.

Problem #8 – Low volume during calls or echo in calls

sony xperia z2 aa (10 of 26)

Some users have reported issues of echoing during calls or other callers being unable to hear them.

Potential Solutions:

  • Go to Settings – Call Settings and make sure the box beside Microphone noise suppression is unchecked.
  • Attempt to factory reset your device.
  • If the problem continues, contact Sony about getting a replacement handset.

These are the most common problems that users have been experiencing with the Xperia Z2, and we will continue to update the list if new solutions, or issues arise. Please get in touch if you’ve suffered issues that we haven’t mentioned, or let us know in the comments section whether you’ve experienced any of the issues above and found a solution that works for you.

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Here are the guides on how to soft reset and factory reset the Sony Xperia Z2.

Soft Reset:

  • Hold down the Lock/Power button for ten seconds
  • The phone should automatically reboot

If this doesn’t work, try removing the battery, waiting thirty seconds then replacing the battery.

Factory Reset:

  • Make sure you have backed up any important data before a factory reset
  • Tap the icon that looks like a box made of three by three dots.
  • Find and tap Settings – backup & reset -Factory data reset
  • Delete all and data from the storage by selecting the erase internal storage checkbox
  • Tap the option to Reset phone
  • Confirm by tapping Erase everything

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