If you own a Sony Xperia device and are into hacking then you will definitely be familiar with Flashtool, an app for Sony’s Android devices that allows users to install custom ROMs. Flashtool is really important for users when it comes to running custom ROMs, but the only problem with it is that it won’t let users safely install official Sony Android firmware on Xperia devices that have an unlocked bootloader.

It looks like that is going to change very soon, as Sony has released the beta version of its own flash tool, proving once again that it really wants to be a developer-friendly company. Sony’s flash tool will allow users to install Sony Mobile software on their Xperia phones even when their devices’ bootloader is unlocked.

The beta version of the app is now available for download. Initially Sony Mobile’s flash tool will only support three devices including the Xperia S, Xperia Arc S, and Xperia Arc. If your phone is not supported then don’t worry, as the software is still in beta and Sony will definitely add more devices in the coming updates. Sony Mobile notes on its official blog that at this moment one software version for each supported phone is available but the company plans to offer a selection of software versions for each device and allow users to choose between GB and ICS releases.

If you have a Sony Xperia device and want to give this flash tool a try, you can do so right away as the app is available as a free download.

Varun Raj
Varun loves to play with new technology as his bread and butter. He has been advising telecom, media and entertainment companies for more than over 4 years. He currently works at a large consulting organization in Silicon Valley amidst all the action. He has been following Android since it first launched and loves to play around with it in his free time.