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This summer Sony is bringing its entire lineup of new phones to the United States.

Three years ago, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai told the press that Sony wasn’t quite ready to focus on the US. Since then, the legendary Japanese company took some steps towards establishing itself in the US smartphone market, but these steps were hardly decisive and, at times, plain wrong – remember the short-lived Xperia Z4v?

Today, Sony is taking another crack at the American problem with the release of no fewer than four devices.

The Xperia XA, Xperia X, and Xperia X Performance – all three announced at MWC in February – as well as the new Xperia XA Ultra will be launched in the US by July. They will be sold unlocked through multiple retailers, a departure from Sony’s traditional carrier-focused strategy.

Xperia X

The Xperia X, a 5-inch device powered by Snapdragon 650 and featuring a high-performance 23MP camera, is opening the road. The Xperia X will be available for preorder from today, though for now Sony’s website only allows you to pre-register for information about the device. The Xperia X will start at $549.99 and start shipping on June 26.

Xperia XA

The Xperia XA makes up for its lesser specs with a beautiful bezel-less design that makes it one of the most compact devices in the 5-inch class. The Xperia XA will cost just $279.99 when it becomes available on July 17.

Xperia X Performance

The pinnacle of the range, the aptly named X Performance, will set you back $699.99 and become available from July 17. Featuring the same 23MP camera as the Xperia X (and the same auto-tracking focus system), the X Performance comes with a Snapdragon 820 processor and a slightly bigger battery.

Xperia XA Ultra

Finally, the Xperia XA Ultra applies the thin bezel recipe we’ve seen on the Xperia XA to a massive 6-inch display. (Sadly, unlike other big screen phones, the XA Ultra doesn’t rock a massive battery – 2700 mAh is all you get.) The Xperia XA Ultra will start shipping from July 24 for an attractive $369.99.

All four Xperia X devices will be sold unlocked through Sony’s own stores, as well as Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo Video, and Reagan Wireless. We wouldn’t rule out any carrier deals, but for now Sony is only talking about unlocked devices.

What do you think of these price tags?