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New Snapchat Spectacles are still ugly (Update: Available via Amazon)

The newest iteration of Snapchat Spectacles are packed with new features, but still ugly. And now you can get them straight from Amazon.

Published onJune 11, 2018

snapchat spectacles

Update 6/11/2018 at 3:52 P.M. EST: Although Snap launched the newest version of its Spectacles eyewear at its own website, it is now rolling out the devices to other outlets. Today, you can get your hands on the upgraded Spectacles from, for the cool price of $150. You’ll get them well-in time for the weekend, because free expedited shipping is available for Prime members.

Click below to get your pair.

Original Article: While Snap, Inc. tried valiantly with its original Snapchat Spectacles, its first step into hardware was pretty much an utter failure for the company. Selling less than 200,000 units, Spectacles resulted in a $40 million loss and the firings of a dozen Snap employees, according to The Verge.

But, undeterred, Snap is ready to give Spectacles another shot. Starting today, you can buy the brand new, second-generation Snapchat Spectacles directly from the Spectacles website.

Snapchat Spectacles review

Giving buyers the option to purchase Spectacles direct from the company is a good move, as the vending machine concept of the original model didn’t work too well. Not only did it make it difficult for buyers to get a pair, but it also resulted in a warehouse full of product that never sold. Now, with direct sales, Snap can manufacture units to match the actual demand.

snapchat spectacles

So what’s new with these brand new Spectacles? As you can see above, the basic design of the glasses is remarkably similar to the previous model (the original is on the left and the new version is on the right). Depending on how you feel about that design, that could be either a good or bad thing. Our opinion is made pretty clear in the headline of this article.

However, the models are not exactly the same. The new Spectacles are slimmer which should make it easier to put them in your pocket. The case, which doubles as the charger, is also a bit smaller. Snap likely hopes that a smaller form factor will help make Spectacles feel more like a regular pair of sunglasses and less like a camera you rest on your nose.

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Another tick in the “pro” column is that the new Spectacles are water-resistant. According to Snap, you can swim in a pool or take a dip in the ocean while wearing Spectacles and not have to worry about ruining them.

snapchat spectacles

The new Spectacles also take pictures, which the original Spectacles for some reason didn’t do. Your videos will record in a 1:1 ratio at a resolution of 1216 x 1216 (25 percent better than the original model), and your photos will save in a 1:1 ratio at a resolution of 1642 x 1642. Both video and photo functions are controlled by tapping the sides of the glasses.

There’s also a second microphone added to the hardware to make audio recording a bit stronger. One of the complaints around the original model was that audio happening in front of the wearer was low or inaudible while what the wearer was saying was loud and clear.

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But what about the other complaints surrounding Spectacles? A lot of them are not fixed in this new iteration. For example, battery life is about the same with Spectacles 2.0 as it was with the original model, which gets you about 70 videos shot before needing a recharge.

Also, the system of getting those videos onto your phone is still as clunky: you open Snapchat on your phone, switch to the Spectacles Wi-Fi network, and then wait for a while as the files transfer to your device. Then, once you’ve got them, you can share them with your followers.

snapchat spectacles

Finally, the new Spectacles are even more expensive than the old Spectacles: $150, a $20 price increase over the previous model. You have the color choices of ruby, onyx, and sapphire, as pictured above. What’s more, there’s reportedly a $300 model in the works, which is kind of mind-blowing. The price increase for the upcoming design will enable two cameras for creating three-dimensional depth effects in your images and videos.

If you live in the United States, Canada, France, or the United Kingdom, you can pick up a new pair of Spectacles right now. Folks in the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Poland, Spain, Italy, and Ireland, will have to wait until May 3.

What do you think? Will the smattering of upgrades convince you to buy a pair of Spectacles? Or are you still not interested in the idea and design, just like you weren’t for the original model? Let us know in the comments!

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