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We asked, you told us: This is the type of smartphone case most of you use

The most popular case type tells us that people don't trust the durability of their phones.

Published onMarch 7, 2022

A collection of TPU phone cases in yellow, cream, navy, black, and marble green.
Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

Smartphone cases come in various forms. From hard shells to gel cases, flip covers to wallet-style holders, there are plenty of options to choose from. You may use a smartphone case for utility purposes, to protect your device from damage, or just for the fun of it. Whatever the case, we asked you for your most preferred type of phone case. Here is how you voted in that poll.

What kind of smartphone case do you use?


We received a total of 1,389 votes in our poll about the types of smartphone cases our readers prefer. Of the lot, hard/tough cases and gel/TPU cases came out as the most popular choices. However, the former beat out the latter by a few percentage points. One way of interpreting these results is that people don’t trust the durability of their phones, hence the use of toughened cases for added protection.

Elsewhere, many poll-takers also use silicone cases making them the third most-preferred choice. Other case types, including leather cases, wallet cases, folio cases, and flip cases didn’t have many takers.

Your Comments

Timothy: YTF Carbon fiber cases on AliExpress. Best $20 I’ve spent. They are 1:1 compared to Latercase or Pitaka for half the price. I’m not sponsored, lol. Just saying.

Montisaquadeis: Pelican/Otterbox defender style case is what I normally go for my mobile phones.

Seela: Stopped using hard/pc case because it keeps chipping the back of my phone and causing scratches when phones were usually metal or plastic. Would not recommend it if you are using a phone with either material and want to keep the condition 9/10 after a long time. Noticed it within a month of use when compared to silicone and TPU cases I tried prior to it. Since my phone is now plastic back again, I returned to silicone case. Smooth to touch, though thermal dissipation isn’t that great.

Phil Gartman: I use a Quad Lock case for mounting on my bike.

Phil Scadden: Wallet — because that is all I need to carry now. Has driver’s license (required if driving in my country), bus card, and a few notes for odd occasions where still need cash. I have S10e but since really hard to get a good small android now, I don’t know what I will do when it expired. A wallet case for a large phone would make less sense.

Albin: An occasional dropper, all my phones and tablets have $10 shells, but the current Moto supports snap-on “Mods” requiring shell off that covers the glass back but not sides. The 3000mAh battery Mod is often on for active outdoor uses. There are big clumsy shells to protect the edges but haven’t got one — might do if I start using the Mod permanently.

Walter Kowalski: I like a flexible case.

Avieshek: Soft Silicone Case with microfibre cloth inlining which happens to not accumulate the small diamond-like dust particles and prevents not only scratches but micro-abrasions. Otherwise, Ultra Hybrid Cases from Spigen if you don’t give a fuck which was my first one and is a recommended choice for the price.

thesecondsight: I’ve learned the hard way that even with the best vigilance, accidents will always happen. As a result, I immediately install a tempered glass screen protector and heavy-duty phone case when I take a brand new phone out of the packaging box for the very first time. This is done even before I turn on the device and set it up for the first time. Protection of my small investment always comes first. ArmadilloTek and Poetic has been my preferred choice for heavy-duty cases.

Martin Pollard: TPU case, usually in black (which, of course, goes with everything). Mostly to add a little heft to the phone and give it some protection, seeing as how most phones (especially flagships) are so thin and use slippery materials. I’m not usually in situations where I need to use a rugged case like an Otterbox, so TPU is good enough for me.

Drone9: Clear TPU. But also a cheap one under $10. To show off the phone design and offer basic protection. At the same time, knowing it’ll turn yellow over time.

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