Last week’s poll summary: Out of over 4,200 total votes, 35.5% of our readers said they didn’t buy anything on Black Friday this year. 16.8% said they bought a smartphone, and 8.9% said they picked up a fitness tracker or a smartwatch.

If you think back to, say, three years ago, you might remember a time when smartphones weren’t all that great at taking photos. There were a few exceptions, sure, but it was pretty difficult to find a phone that didn’t take a blurry shot. Thankfully things have gotten much better in the camera phone space, and we no longer have to worry about missing important moments or dealing with slow cameras.

Especially in the case of the Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, camera quality is becoming less of a compromise. There are still a few phones out there that aren’t quite up to par, though, which leads us to our latest Poll of the Week.

We want to know – how important is a smartphone’s camera to you? Is it the most important factor when considering a smartphone, or could you care less? Be sure to cast your vote in the poll attached below. If you have anything else to add, be sure to speak up in the comments.