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We asked, you told us: Here's how much cameras influence your phone purchase

Are cameras a priority for you when buying a new phone? Here's what you had to say

Published onFebruary 26, 2021

Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Pixel 5 camera bright
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Smartphone makers are in a constant battle to offer the best camera experience on their phones. From high-resolution sensors to AI-assisted photography features, cameras on phones are more diverse today than ever before. But good imaging skills are not enough to guarantee a great smartphone. There are many other factors such as the display, processor, software, fast charging, and more that can make or break a device.

So we got to thinking, just how much importance do you, our readers, place on camera specs before you buy a new smartphone. Are smartphone marketers strumming the right stings when they place the photography capabilities of their phones on a pedestal? Here’s how you voted in our poll.

How important is the camera to you when buying a new phone?


We received almost 2,900 votes in our poll and the results show that cameras are pretty darn important to our readers, if not the most important, when purchasing a new phone.

50.1% of the poll respondents said that the camera setup on a phone is one of the several key considerations for them. It shows that our readers also place importance on other factors as they rightly should.

24.2% of our readers voted to say that they value cameras above all else when they’re buying a new phone. If we combine this number with the majority of voters who feel that photography skills are a key consideration, the results show that phone makers are not wrong in continuing to innovate and improve the cameras on their phones.

Meanwhile, there are also those (20.6% of the poll takers) who feel that good smartphone cameras are nice to have but aren’t a priority.

5.1% of the voters said that they don’t care about cameras at all when buying a phone.

Your Comments

DBS: It’s very important as I don’t enjoy carrying around a heavy DSLR with a bunch of lenses. So if I can avoid taking the “proper” camera, I will use my phone. However, it must be in a phone that ticks other essentials like a headphone jack and expandable storage. Otherwise, I have no use for a great camera as audio will be crap, and the space for content captured by it, limited.

veesonic: I rarely take pictures/videos on my phone. I have a Samsung and am very happy with the camera quality. It’s annoying that most phone reviews and marketing focus on the camera. I’d rather have real functionality like removable batteries, SD card support, headphone jacks, LED notification lights, etc. Yeah, I’m old and expecting too much lol.

TheOracle: Most phone reviews have turned into Photography Today articles. When you read them, they almost completely overlook the unique software features and turn the software into a popularity contest. A decent camera is necessary but nowhere near my priority. Software, features, battery, screen, updates, etc are way ahead for me.

Joe Black: As time goes, camera (including video and audio capture) and software stability became two of my priorities when it comes to mobile phones. I expect my next upgrade will be driven by camera and better battery life.

The One: I’m not the average buyer. I intentionally buy phones that are not Apple or Samsung because I want to experience something unique. Additionally, I love photography and would do it as a hobby if I didn’t have 2 kids under 2, consuming all my free time. Because of my love of photography and my need for a camera that can keep up with a toddler, the camera is my single biggest priority.

Shawn Hamm: It’s one of several key factors, but probably one of the more important to me. And I specifically value the main camera. I don’t really take selfies, so I don’t value the features/performance of the front camera all that much.

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