• The Sling TV Cloud DVR service now works in Chrome, as well as on Chromecasts, Xbox One, and certain smart TVs.
  • The service still costs $5 extra per month.

Last year, Sling made the Sling TV Cloud DVR service available on Android devices, including phones, tablets, and even Android TV. Now, the live TV streaming service is giving users the ability to stream DVR content to the Chrome browser, Chromecasts, Xbox One, LG Smart TVs, and certain models of Samsung Smart TVs.

With these newly supported devices, there probably isn’t a device in your house that isn’t capable of watching your DVR content. You can see the full list of supported devices at Sling’s website.

As with most things, there are some notable caveats to the Cloud DVR service. The biggest and most glaring issue is that Cloud DVR adds an extra $5 per month to your Sling TV subscription. This isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it’s kind of head-scratching considering that YouTube TV offers the same (arguably better) service for free.

Another caveat is that not all shows and channels support recording, so the content you want to save may be off limits. Also, you are limited to 50 hours of recordings, which seems like a lot until you once again compare it to YouTube TV, which allows you to save an unlimited number of recordings.

Still, if you’re already a subscriber to Sling TV, these newly supported devices will be good news to you. If you’re not a subscriber, we suggest heading to YouTube TV instead for your cord-cutting needs. But if you absolutely want Sling TV, hit the button below to sign up.

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