SK Hynix, the second-largest chip maker in South Korea behind Samsung, has launched the highest density DRAM chip in the world. SK Hynix made the announcement earlier today, stating that it planned to integrate its 8 GB LPDDR4X (low power, double data rate 4X) modules into upcoming flagships.

SK Hynix used four dual-channel 16 Gb (Gigabit) chips to create the 8 GB (Gigabyte) package and claims that it consumes 20 percent less power than competing LPDDR4 modules, as the data input/output can run at 0.6V compared to the 1.1V standard.

What’s more, SK Hynix’s DDR4X modules are also said to be 30 percent smaller in physical size compared to other DDR4 packages, measuring less than 1 millimetre in thickness.

The company also said it was planning to expand its DRAM to applications such as high-end laptops, automotive electronics and other mobile gadgets. It’s not yet clear when the first mobile product to make use of SK Hynix’s new chip will appear.

For an examination of how we ended up with 8 GB RAM in our smartphones, hit the link, and if you want to know what a smartphone with 8 GB of RAM looks like, check out our hands-on look at the ASUS Zenfone AR.

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