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Shazam has introduced its lightest app ever: weighing just under 1MB, Shazam Lite is now available for Android users in emerging markets such as India, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Nigeria.

We’ve seen other “Lite” apps such as Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite. These apps require significantly less storage when installing, and they keep data usage to the very minimum. For instance, the regular Shazam app – though it varies with device – is just a little over 25MB on my Galaxy S7 edge. Compare that with Shazam Lite, which weighs a mere 740kB.

The good news is that Shazam Lite does pretty much everything that its regular sibling can do. Being a Shazam app, it can naturally listen to songs and identify them. In fact, it even does it offline and saves your most recent search history. Shazam Lite may be the perfect app for you if you are in an emerging market where phones do not necessarily have a lot of space or horsepower and where connectivity isn’t ideal. As the company points out, the app is “designed for 2G networks and areas with slow Internet connection.”

Shazam Lite should be available in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Nigeria today, and it will also be released in Spanish in Venezuela in the future. According to James Pearson, a company spokesperson, Shazam Lite may be expanding to other countries:

I believe it was a logical strategy for Shazam to build on our global community of evangelists with new audiences in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We will surely see similar efforts in other regions, as we see potential growth and wider audiences in all emerging markets.

However, if you’re in the US, the regular version may have to do for now since the company doesn’t seem to have any plans to release it in already-developed markets. But for those of you who are in the aforementioned countries, you can click the button below to download the app!

Are you in an area where Shazam Lite is available? How is the app treating you? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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