Shazam still remains one of the most popular music recognition apps out there, and today it is getting even better as it moves off your phone and over to your wrist.

Adding support for Android Wear, Shazam now lets you quickly see what’s playing with just two taps on your AW screen. The Android Wear app also lets users see what’s playing on My Shazam as new songs are added to your My Shazam Tracks playlists. The biggest feature here though is the lyrics support. Android Wear users can now watch lyrics from the songs they are listening to as the words appear in real-time. That’s certainly a handy way to check out the lyrics and follow along.


Android Wear support might not be a massive change to Shazam, but it’s still a welcome one. To get the new Android Wear support you’ll first need to the latest version of the Shazam app, which you get can through Google Play. For more details on how Android Wear support works on Shazam, be sure to check out their official FAQ page.

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