Shazam, the original and most popular music recognition app, received a major update that brings fresh looks and improvements across the board.

The new Shazam is designed to provide a “deeper, richer experience,” according to a post on the company blog, and users are encouraged to use Shazam as a destination, rather than an app that’s used to accomplish one thing only – identifying tunes and TV shows.

“Shazam’s new content-rich design, coupled with the recently launched News Feed and the effortlessness of Auto Shazam, give users powerful reasons to spend a lot more time with Shazam and to use it every day,” said Shazam CEO, Rich Riley, about the update rolling out today to Android and iOS users.

The app now features a tab menu for My Tags, News, Explore, and Charts, along with a Shazam button that lets you access the tagging functionality from anywhere in the app. The new design is definitely a nice change, though we found a few inconsistencies, such as the tag button covering up the menu, or the swipe behavior in the Explore section, which is different from the rest of the app.

Once you tag a track, you’re instantly given quick access to music video, concert information, and the artist’s biography. Here’s how the new functionality is laid down in the official blog post.


The update to Shazam should hit your device soon, if it hasn’t already. Check out the new version in the Play Store.

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