Editor’s note: We’ve updated the post to account for the possibility that LG would release more than one version of the G6, potentially including one with a glass construction.

There’s been some confusion regarding the construction of LG’s next flagship, but the Korean company just cleared any remaining doubts: the G6’s back will be metal.

In a teaser page for the G6, LG put up a short description of what to expect from its new phone. Here’s the text, emphasis ours.

“What’s on your wish list for 2017? Waterproof design? A camera that captures it all at once? The LG G6 has it all—and it’s coming soon! Learn more about its amazing features, like the sleek, full-metal body, state-of-the-art fingerprint scanner and other premium design details. Sign up today for breaking news and information about the LG G6’s release date, specs and more and watch all your wishes come alive. Discover the G6–LG’s latest flagship smartphone for 2017. Stay in the know about the new LG G6 and be sure to explore all of our innovative smartphones and mobile devices, as well, including tablets, smart watches and accessories, featuring all the extras for the upcoming G6 and other mobile devices. With LG, life’s good.”

The bolded bits confirm some features that were already teased over the past weeks, like the water-resistant body (hinted at here) and the wide-angle camera (which was just teased today). The most interesting part pertains to the phone’s “sleek, full-metal” body.

Some rumors suggested LG would take a page from Samsung’s book and opt for a metal and glass design for the G6, just like the Galaxy S7. However, recent leaked images of the G6 showed a brushed-metal texture, without clarifying whether the actual build material is glass or metal.

Judging from the teaser text alone, it looks like the G6’s back will actually be metal. There is a possibility that LG would put out multiple versions of the device, including one with a glass finish, or that the company has a different idea of what “full-metal body” means. But that’s just speculation for now.

LG’s teaser text doesn’t mention wireless charging, another feature that has been rumored for the G6. It’s not clear for now whether that’s just an intentional omission or the LG G6 would actually lack that feature. So far, we haven’t seen any fully metallic phones that charge wirelessly, though there might be a workaround with the right technology.

We already have a well-defined image of the LG G6 thanks to a ton of leaks and rumors, as well as multiple teasers from LG itself. So, do you like what you’ve seen so far?