Back in March SanDisk announced the “world’s largest microSD” card, sized at 200GB and expected to be priced at around $400. Shortly after this, Microdia did one better and announced its own 512GB card at an even more outrageous anticipated price of $1000.

For those looking for a ton of storage, the good news is that 200GB microSD card from SanDisk has now arrived. The even better news is that the Amazon asking price is $240. While that’s still a lot of money for a microSD card, that’s considerably cheaper than the original estimated price. While cards like this are aimed more at high-end video cameras and DSLRs, technically the card should play nicely as long as you have a newer phone that supports the SDXC standard, such as recent flagships like the LG G4.

What do you think, any takers? For those interested but unwilling to pay the high price, how much would you spend?

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