Back during MWC Sandisk unveiled a 200GB microSD card with an estimated price tag of $400. While 200GB is a ton of storage space, it seems that Microdia has one-upped Sandisk with an even larger solution.

The new Microdia Xtra Elite 512GB microSD card will play nicely in any device that supports the SDXC format, meaning most newer smartphones that offer microSD expansion. Of course, such a huge amount of space doesn’t come cheaply, packing a whopping $1000 price tag that makes the Sandisk 200GB card seem affordable.

Obviously Microdia isn’t aiming this card at everyday smartphone users, even if the card will technically work in devices like the LG G4. Instead, the Xtra Elite microSD card is aimed at professional photographers for storage of photos and video. The card uses Secure Digital 4.0 and an ultra high speed data bus that delivers transfer rates of 300 MBps, the kind of speed that professionals will appreciate. For those of us everyday users, 512GB (or even 200GB) cards are far from affordable at this point but their arrival will only further drive down the costs of smaller sizes like 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. And as time marches on, even the price tags of the 200 and 512GB cards will eventually drop down to affordable rates.

For those that do have an interest in a 512GB card, regardless of the cost, you’ll be able to get your hands on it this July.

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