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Samsung has just announced that they will be collaborating with T-Mobile in the US. The two mobile entities are working on a set of lab tests and demonstration that will be used to showcase and build upon 5G network technology.

Samsung hopes to begin initial testing as early as later this year. They will be using outdoor installations to test T-Mobile’s use of 28GHz (mmWave) spectrum with prototype 5G technology, and in Q1 2017, they plan on expanding this testing dramatically using pre-commercial devices.

This comes on the heels of T-Mobile bashing Verizon’s boosted coverage and claiming that their own double-quick LTE network boost is in the works. T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray, who commented that Verizon’s tech was “so 2014,” says, “We are excited to work with Samsung to see how we can bring to life key attributes of emerging 5G technology, including extreme speed, low latency and massive connectivity. Our collaboration with Samsung’s networks technology will enable us to enhance 5G development and availability.”

Samsung is looking to position themselves in a leading role during the development of 5G technology. The efficacy of this network will be essential to the future of the IoT as well as managing rapidly increasing data demands from mobile devices.

The Korean tech titan says we can expect to see commercial 5G capabilities come 2018.

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