Just a little over a year ago Samsung took a big step forward towards improving its Internet of Things game with the purchase of SmartThings. As expected, at IFA 2015 Samsung and SmartThings have now formally unveiled the 2nd-gen Smart Hub, a high-tech router that powers various sensors around your home.

The newer Smart Hub hardware adds a few big improvements over the original, including 10-hour battery backup life, and a faster processor which subsequently allows the hub to now handle video monitoring. The SmartHub will allow users to log into the newly redesigned Android app 24/7 to view live video, though the hub will only record video when it detects activity. In addition to recording, the new system will also send notifications in the event it detects a fire, smoke, leaks, and so on. While connecting to the web is a great way to make the most of the Smart Hub, an Internet connection isn’t technically required, which could put security conscientious minds at ease.

The new SmartThings hub will go on sale for today, priced at $99. Various sensors will be offered from around $30 to $50. We will be sure to update this post as soon as the product is available for purchasing later today in the US. The hub will also be offered in the UK starting next week, and should be making its way to more parts of Europe in early 2016.

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