Samsung Smart TV

Google TV is set for a living room invasion it seems. First we have the sub-$100 Google TV box by Hisense. What’s next? Samsung is gearing up to introduce a Samsung Smart TV with Google TV technology aboard, this year.

Samsung TVs have offered an extensive range of smart capabilities like apps and special content for a while now, but adding the power of Google will allow even more premium content and services to come to some upcoming Samsung Smart TV sets.

Pricing and release information has yet to drop about the Samsung Google TV. That being said, the Samsung Smart TV is expected to have a preview at IFA, so we know more details about the upcoming it soon enough.

Samsung televisions are already one of the leaders in Smart TV technology, but the addition of Google TV technology may even further cement their position as a leader in the niche. This means you get the existing apps and store that Samsung offers, plus Google Chrome and the Google TV store line-up – pretty much a win-win, I’d say.

Are you interested in such a TV, or does another brand or standard meet your fancy, instead? Perhaps you’d rather just add a Google TV set-top box to your existing HDTV?

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