Samsung‘s smartphones have been at the forefront of many mobile security and payment innovations, including iris scanning technology, fingerprint authentication, its Knox security software — Samsung even has its own mobile payments system with Samsung Pay.

Thanks to a report from Korean news site The Investor earlier today, we might have an idea of what Samsung’s next venture in this sphere will be. Samsung’s chief of S-Pen development Chae Won-sik discussed the potential the S Pen had for digital signatures following the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 last week.

“When combined with Samsung’s authentication solutions such as Samsung Pay, Knox and iris and fingerprint recognition, S-Pen’s digital signature will create new demands in the B2B market,” Chae said.

Chae also stated that Samsung was “currently working on a more sophisticated digital signature solution with several partners,” and confirmed that studies relating to the possibility of a stylus equipped with a microphone were “underway.”

Samsung’s digital signature developments appear to be an extension of the Galaxy Note 5‘s “paperless signing capabilities” that the company discussed in early 2016 — though how the new tech would differ from what was previously outlined isn’t exactly clear. It was suggested that security would be a greater focus on the new S Pen functionality, but it should still cut out the need to physically print and return signed documents.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy Note Fan Edition quick look

The integration of digital signatures could be a real bonus for Samsung’s Galaxy Note range as it’s one of the only major premium smartphone lines to make use of a stylus; taking full advantage of the S Pen, providing meaningful ways to use it, is key to ensuring that consumers view it as a purposeful accessory, not just a gimmick.

In The Investor‘s report, it was also made clear that Wacom, Samsung’s Japanese partner that helps develop the S Pen, would only be focusing on the stylus’ usage for Samsung’s Galaxy Note phones — it appears there are no plans to adapt the stylus to other Samsung devices.