Samsung’s Galaxy Beam smartphone/pico projector didn’t quite take off, but if you’re still on the prowl for a light, portable and elegant slideshow assistant, we might have something for you.

Granted, the newly found solution is not as innovative and original as a phone with a built-in projector, but it does allow you to use your good ol’ Galaxy S2 for some (low-quality) presentations. Meet the EAD-R10 “Mobile Beam Projector”, a very cool and stylish accessory for your phones, tabs and PCs.

This can be hooked up with an MHL or HDMI cable to Galaxy smartphones, Galaxy Players, Galaxy Tabs and PCs, but, as you can imagine, you’ll need those gadgets to support MHL/HDMI. The mobile projector is, as its name suggests, very portable, though we don’t know its exact weight.

If we were to take a guess, we’d probably say the Mobile Beam Projector can’t weigh in at more than 150 grams seeing as it’s only 12.2 mm thick, 116 mm long and 60.4 mm wide. Those measurements are very close to Galaxy S3’s dimensions, so carrying this around next to your phone won’t be a major issue.

What you may not like very much however is what this little guy can actually do in terms of image projecting. The accessory can only display content in nHD resolution (640 x 360 pixels), while the brightness can go up to 20 lumens. Compared with the Galaxy Beam, for instance, the brightness level should be considerably higher, but the resolution is equally as disappointing, so don’t be thinking about turning your living room into a high-def home theatre with only this and a phone or tab.

The 1,650 mAh built-in battery also sounds rather mediocre, being only rated at about 2 hours of continuous use. Then again, what would you have expected from such a teeny-tiny device?

All things considered, this bad boy really has its downsides, but also its upsides (versatility, functionality and “sex-appeal”, to only name a few), so we’re pretty bummed about the fact we’re only now hearing about it. After all, if the guys over at Sam Mobile are correct, this has been available for a while already in Korea. No words yet on the Mobile Beam Projector being released outside of Asia, but fingers crossed, right?