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Two more painfully forced and awkward Samsung ‘Ingenius’ ads are here

Hungry for more Samsung "Ingenius" ads? Why? Regardless, here are two more to make you cringe.

Published onAugust 13, 2018

A video still from the series of Samsung "Ingenius" ads.
  • Two new spots in the series of Samsung “Ingenius” ads are now live.
  • The new spots focus on the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
  • One of the ads is at least a little humorous, while the other is just awful.

Prior to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung started posting a new series of advertisements to its YouTube page called “Ingenius.” The ads all focus on an Apple store employee who continuously tries to convince customers that Apple products are superior to Samsung’s products.

Of course, the skeptical customers all seem to think the Apple store employee is wrong and/or crazy because Samsung products are clearly superior in every way, forever and ever, amen.

Calling it: The Galaxy Note 9 won't sell as well as the Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is launched and up for pre-order, we are blessed (or cursed) with two more ads in the “Ingenius” series which center directly on the capabilities of the latest Samsung flagship.

The first – simply entitled “Pen” – features an Apple store customer asking about the Apple Pencil and how it compares to the S Pen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The Apple store employee says the difference is that the Apple Pencil can only be used on the iPad, which Samsung obviously thinks is hilarious.

Check it out here:

I will admit that the “Pen” spot is not the worst of the “Ingenius” bunch, simply because it’s true: the Apple Pencil is pretty useless if you don’t have an iPad Pro. And the part where the Apple employee says he has ten fingers got me to chuckle a bit.

However, the second spot – titled “Power” – is a pox on humanity and probably one of the worst advertisements I’ve ever seen. Unlike the “Pen” spot, “Power” doesn’t seem to have any clear direction; it’s just two people arguing about nothing where nothing funny happens. Watch to see for yourself:

Samsung’s marketing department has used its rivalry with Apple as a marketing strategy for a long time in many different ads. But these “Ingenius” spots only seem to be saying one thing: “Samsung isn’t Apple, and isn’t that great?”

The problem is that many, many people around the world think Apple is pretty awesome, and these silly little videos aren’t going to change their minds. Instead, it just makes the Apple fans cringe and the Samsung fans…also, cringe.

Are you sick of these ads, too? Or do you think they’re hilarious and insightful? Hit up the comments and let me know.

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