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The Samsung Gear S2 may not be at the same level as the Pebble Time when it comes to the battery department, but perhaps the Tizen-powered wearable will inch closer to the 7-day mark after its latest update. Samsung is now pushing out a small update to the Gear S2 that brings with it battery life optimizations. The software update comes in at version R730TUVU1AOL3 and weighs only 4.85MB. Battery life optimizations are the only thing present in the changelog.

In our full review, we told you that the Samsung Gear S2 was quite impressive in terms of battery life. It only has a 250mAh cell on board, but that doesn’t stop the watch from lasting as long as two full days on a single charge in certain circumstances. Prior to this update, you’d need to turn off ambient mode and turn down the brightness on the watch to reach 48 hours of use. We’re hoping to see this number grow after we receive the new update on our unit. It’s still probably in your best interest to charge your Gear S2 every night on the handy wireless charging dock. If you forget, though, it’s entirely possible to make the battery last for a second day.

Still, that’s not bad considering the Android Wear competition. Some of the latest Wear devices on the market have trouble reaching two days of use on a single charge, which we hope will be improved when the next wave of smartwatches comes out in the new year.

Have you received this battery-improving update on your Gear S2? If so, be sure to tell us what you think, and if you’re seeing any changes!

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