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  • A very brief video shows a hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.
  • The video gives us an idea of just how small the bezels are on the upcoming tablet.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is expected to launch on August 9, with the Galaxy Note 9.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is one of the small group of tablets that will see a release this year. Judging from the rumored specs and the leaked images we’ve seen already, it’s going to be a very cool device.

The major selling point of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 will be it’s extremely thin bezels, at least when compared to other tablets in its class. Now, we have a brief hands-on video of what appears to be a Galaxy Tab S4 in the wild.

The video, posted below, shows both a black and white version of what we assume is the Galaxy Tab S4. Signage behind the device says Galaxy A9 Star, but that’s a smartphone, so we’re not sure what happened there. Check it for yourself below:

If that is the Galaxy Tab S4 in the video, then it confirms that the unit will have no physical button on the front and no fingerprint scanner on the back. That suggests that the rumor that it uses an iris scan to unlock the tablet could actually be true.

We expect the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 to launch on August 9 along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Stay tuned for more coverage on that event!

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