With Samsung, the “next big thing” is always coming. Galaxy phones keep getting bigger and better; and apparently, so do their ads. The Korean manufacturer has put together what could be the the most impressive tech-related billboard we have ever seen. It’s a huge Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge review

This gigantic advertisement is shown on the side of an office building in Moscow, Russia. It is pretty much a huge set of LED panels displaying information about the handset, but it looks like a gigantic phone. It even shows all the components you would find in the device – the home button, front-facing camera and earpiece – as well as the logo.

This advertising measures 80 meters high by 40 meters wide, and can be seen from as far as Moscow’s Gidroproekt building, located 2.2 km away. There is no way you will miss it, as it is strategically located in a road that connects downtown Moscow and Sheremetyevo International Airport. Samsung claims this area is visited by 800,000 people… daily.

Pretty cool right? Make sure to check it out if you happen to pass by this area. But try to keep your eyes on the road, as this thing looks like the biggest distraction a driver could have. At least you can’t text and drive with it!