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The best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 waterproof cases

Here are the best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 waterproof cases to help protect your phone if it falls in a pool, lake or sink.

Published onMay 10, 2021

samsung galaxy note 10 plus star wars edition in hand display home screen

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 already has an IP68 rating for water resistance, but that doesn’t mean you should take it swimming. If you think you are going outside with your phone and expect to get it wet, you may want a waterproof case instead. Here’s a look at the best current Galaxy Note 10 waterproof cases you can get to help protect your phone from the elements.

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The best Galaxy Note 10 waterproof cases:

  1. Antshare case
  2. Ghostek Nautical
  3. Fansteck case
  4. Yuway case
  5. Punkcase

Editor’s note: We will update this list as more Galaxy Note 10 waterproof cases are released.

1. Antshare waterproof case

note 10 waterproof antshare case

The Antshare waterproof case for the Galaxy Note 10 is similar to the Temdan model. It seals off the phone from the outside elements with its front case, built-in screen protector, and clear back cover. It also ensures that the phone stays water-resistant up to 6.6 feet underwater for up to one hour. The Antshare case is shock resistant, just in case you should happen to drop your phone onto most solid surfaces.

2. Ghostek Nautical waterproof case

note 10 waterproof ghostek nautical

Like the first case on this list, the Ghostek Nautical waterproof case for the Galaxy Note 10 includes two parts; a front cover with a built-in screen protector and a semi-clear cover for the back, which also supports the phone’s wireless charging features. The company claims that this case will keep the phone safe in water up to 20 feet deep. If you’d like a pop of color, the Ghostek Nautical also comes in red or green.

3. Fansteck waterproof case

note 10 waterproof fansteck

The Fansteck Galaxy Note 10 waterproof case, as with the other cases on this list, is designed to seal off the phone from water. The front cover serves as a screen protector, and the clear cover on the back of the phone doesn’t interfere with wireless charging. It allows the phone to stay immersed in water for up to two hours at a depth of up to six and a half feet.

4. Yuway waterproof case

note 10 waterproof yuway

Yuway’s waterproof case is nearly identical to the other options on the list because why mess with success? It retains the durable IP68 rating and features raised corners and edges to protect your phone against drops and shocks. You’ll have to remove any screen protector that’s already on your phone, but the Yuway has a protective film built-in to keep your screen away from dirt and dust. You’ll still be able to take advantage of wireless charging though you may have to open the charging port during calls if the case muffled your voice.

5. Punkcase waterproof Galaxy Note 10 case

note 10 waterproof punkcase

One final waterproof case worth considering comes from Punkcase. Even though it looks like the others once again, the Punkcase offers an impressive variety of colorful frames. You can go for green, purple, light blue, and red, just to name a few. The case itself is pretty much ready for anything thanks to the IP68 rating, and Punkcase vouches for its creation in up to 20 feet of water. It’s yet another two-piece hybrid so that you can expect full-scale protection.