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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 back glass landscape

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is certainly a premium smartphone, but what if you want to get something to protect it more than just the standard plastic case. Perhaps you should consider one of the many leather cases that are available for the phone to give it a more old-fashioned look and feel. Here are some of the best leather cases for the Galaxy Note 10.

The best Galaxy Note 10 leather cases:

  1. Official Samsung leather cover
  2. FYY genuine leather wallet
  3. Moko leather wallet
  4. Goospery wallet
  5. Salawat leather case

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best Galaxy Note 10 leather cases regularly as new ones launch.

1. Official Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leather cover

official samsung note 10 leather case

This official Samsung case is made with genuine leather that feels absolutely fantastic when holding the phone. It provides excellent grip and solid protection while barely adding any weight or thickness. It’s not the most protective case out there, but it is certainly one of the best looking and comes in four colors.

2. FYY genuine leather wallet

fyy galaxy note 10 wallet case

This wallet case from FYY is made of real cowhide leather and includes a material inside that blocks RFID signals. That means any credit or debit cards inside this case are protected from possible snooping by criminals with devices made to detect these singles from those cards. It has room for three cards in its inside cover, along with another slot for holding cash. The wallet case can be configured to serve as a stand for hands-free video watching as well.

3. Moko wallet

moko galaxy note 10 wallet case

The Moko Galaxy Note 10 wallet case is made of a combination of soft TPU and premium PU leather material, and it also includes a wrist strap so you can hold onto the phone while walking and moving more securely. Inside, there are three card slots, a clear window for your picture ID card, and another slot for holding cash. It also can be covered to a landscape stand for watching videos on the phone.

4. Goospery wallet

goosperry wallet with seven card slots

The Goospery leather wallet case comes in two color options: black and mint. Inside, there are a whopping seven card slots for your credit, debit, or reward card needs, and another slot for holding cash. A magnetic flap keeps the folio cover in place.


5. Salawat leather case

salwat note 10 leather case

The Salawat case includes a leather exterior with an interior layer made of a polycarbonate shell, which offers better protection from drops. The leather itself looks like an old-fashioned wallet, to give it a classy design. The slim case also makes it fit in a pocket with ease. The case comes in four color choices: black, blue, dark brown, and red and you can save an extra dollar right now with an Amazon coupon.

That’s it for this list of the best leather Galaxy Note 10 cases you can get. Looking for more? Don’t forget to check out our roundups of the best thin, clear, cheap, wallet, rugged, and the best overall cases for the phone.