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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Aura White back at angle 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes in three colors; aura white, aura black and the very cool aura glow. While you will definitely want to buy a case to protect this new phone, many people would also like to show off the back color of their Note 10 as well. That’s where clear cases come in. They allow you to keep your phone safe, while also letting you, and everyone else, actually see the phone’s back.

Not all cases are created equal; here’s a look at the best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 clear cases you can currently buy.

Best Galaxy Note 10 clear cases

Editor’s Note: We will be updating this list as more Galaxy Note 10 clear cases are released.

1. Spigen Liquid Crystal clear case

spigen liquid crystal clear case

This clear case from well-known accessory maker Spigen is made of a single layer TPU material made to be easy to install, and also slim so it doesn’t add a lot of weight and bulk to the phone. However, it still has raised edges on the front to help protect the phone’s big display from getting any scratches, and it also has reinforced buttons for fast response when you need to use the power or volume buttons. The Spigen Liquid Crystal clear case for the Galaxy Note 10 is available on Amazon for just $9.99.

2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid clear case

spigen ultra hybrid note 10 clear case 1

If you want more protection from your Galaxy Note 10 clear case, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid model is for you. It’s a single layer case, but it combines a harder PC back with softer TPU sides for protection against shock when your phone might fall from a few feet in the air. Of course, it also has raised edges in the front for screen protection. It’s available on Amazon for $11.99 in its clear version, or you can get one in a matte black color for $13.99.

3. Poetic rugged clear case

poetic note 10 clear case

If you want a clear case that offers more protection than a slim single-layer case, this Poetic rugged clear case for the Galaxy Note 10 may be to your liking. The back still has a transparent material with a hybrid hard PC shell with a softer TPU side. There’s also a separate front layer with a raised lip to protect the screen. You can get this Poetic Galaxy Note 10 rugged clear case with a black front cover for $16.95, or you can get it in blue, green or pink colors for $18.95 on Amazon.

4. Moko clear case

moko note 10 clear case

The Moko clear case is made of a hybrid TPU material with bumper edges with a harder PC back so it can protect the phone from scratches and UV light issues. There are also raised bezels for both the display and the camera cut-outs. Best of all, this clear case comes in different color tints for the edges and bezels so you can still see the color of the phone, but you can also have a bit of case variety. You can get the Moko Galaxy Note 10 clear case in a pure clear design on Amazon for just $5.99, or in pink, black and blue colors for $8.99.

5. Supcase clear case

supcase note 10 clear case

This Galaxy Note 10 clear case from Supcase is another example of such a cover that also offers a degree of high protection for the phone. The single-layer case includes a TPU bumper that’s designed to absorb the shock of the phone if it falls from the height of a few feet. At the same time, it’s easy to install and has a slim design. The Supcase Galaxy Note 10 clear case is currently available on Amazon for the price of $12.99, a big discount from its normal $29.99 cost.

6. Tozo clear case

tozo clear case

The Tozo Galaxy Note 10 clear case has a TPU rubber bumper on the edges combined with a harder PC back to prevent scratches from appearing on the phone. This is a pretty bare-bones case, but it does come in two different versions; an all-clear model along with an option with a clear back and black bumpers for the sides. It’s available for the Note 10 on Amazon for the price of $8.99.

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