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Samsung says Galaxy Fold requires a ‘special level of care'

Turns out, caring for the Samsung Galaxy Fold is not an easy task.

Published onSeptember 20, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold watching YouTube 1

People are finally getting their hands on the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Fold as the $1,980 foldable phone is now available in UK, Europe, and South Korea. It’s not like Galaxy Fold users won’t already be paranoid enough about leaving the exorbitantly priced phone in a cab or a metro, but Samsung is also letting new owners know that the device requires a “special level of care.”

In a strange turn, Samsung has put out a new video on YouTube giving out some useful, but bizarre care instructions for the Galaxy Fold. You can watch it above.

Galaxy Fold: Handle with care

Samsung Galaxy Fold watching YouTube 1

The first instruction makes it very clear to users that the display of the Galaxy Fold comes with a screen protector. There is no need for any extra films. While Samsung doesn’t explicitly instruct people not to peel off the screen protection, it was one of the many reasons the company had to delay the launch of the device. When Samsung sent out review units of the Galaxy Fold in April, the screen protector looked like the plastic sheet you can usually peel off on a new phone. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a part of the design and caused major screen issues once it was removed. Thankfully, Samsung made necessary improvements to the Galaxy Fold before it hit the market.

Moving on, the second instruction in the Galaxy Fold care video tells users to “use a light touch.” We really don’t know what’s behind this warning, but it comes with a side note saying, “do not apply excessive pressure to it.” So it’s certain you can’t put the device in your back pocket and sit on it by mistake. Then again, you probably wouldn’t do that in the first place.

Video: Here's how Samsung made the Galaxy Fold more durable
Samsung Galaxy Fold half folded on table

The Fold has a hinge which opens and closes to change the form factor of the device. Samsung’s third instruction warns users against contact with water and dust. And lastly, the company advises against keeping the Galaxy Fold near magnetic objects like coins, cards, or keys. The phone clamps together using magnets in its folded state, so Samsung doesn’t want you jamming it in your pocket next to your keys.

With all these care instructions, Samsung isn’t exactly inspiring confidence in the Galaxy Fold. Early user reports also suggest it’s not good for people with facial hair. Hair and hinges are never a good combination.

Nevertheless, the Galaxy Fold does bring with it some pretty cool productivity skills thanks to its shape shifting abilities. It could make for a good media consumption device as well. But we’ll have to reserve our comments on the usability of the device until we review it ourselves.