We don’t think the niche that Samsung is trying to appeal to with its Galaxy Camera is quite big in numbers. But if anything, we’ve learnt not to doubt Samsung when it comes to successfully inventing a whole new market for its devices, or in this case – the smart camera market.

For those who don’t find the white Galaxy Camera, as showcased at IFA 2011, to be an inspiring choice of color – Samsung has added some bright new colors to the mix.

The two new color options are metallic pink and bright orange. It’s obvious that there’s no middle ground here, as they’ll definitely turn some heads. We’re sure these will be welcomed by the eclectic few who don’t mind being the center of attention.

Don’t get too attached to the new flavors just yet, because the orange and pink models are apparently just prototypes for now. Their release will depend on the feedback that Samsung receives.

Hardware-wise, we have nothing new to report about the Galaxy Camera. The Jelly Bean-powered smart camera packs a 4.8-inch HD super Clear display, 1.4GHz quad-core CPU, 8GB onboard storage, microSD support,  16.3MP BSI sensor, 23mm equivalent f/2.8 lens with 21x optical zoom, 1,650mAh battery, and 3G/4G connectivity.

There’s no word yet on when Samsung is planning to release its smart camera. In the meantime, what do you think about the daring color of the Galaxy Camera?