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Galaxy Buds Plus easily repairable, put AirPods Pro to shame

The Galaxy Buds Plus continue to be the most repairable wireless earbuds.

Published onMarch 4, 2020

In its latest teardown video, iFixit took apart the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. iFixit labeled the previous generation Galaxy Buds the easiest wireless earbuds on the market to repair. The Galaxy Buds Plus continue that trend, scoring a cool 7/10 in its repairability scale.

This is particularly impressive considering every iteration of the Apple AirPods has received a whopping 0/10, making them virtually impossible to repair. The Galaxy Buds Plus, on the other hand, make minor repairs and fixes quite feasible.

Now, we acknowledge that needing wireless earbud repairs is relatively unheard of, but it’s nice to know you have the option. Plus, a higher repairability score means the Galaxy Buds Plus are easier to disassemble, making them significantly more economical to recycle when you need to dispose of them.

The only real option you have to dispose of your AirPods responsibly is to send them back to Apple. According to iFixit, to properly recycle electronics, the batteries need to be entirely removed first. To do that with the AirPods, the casing needs to be completely destroyed, which can be a tedious — or even dangerous — process.

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On the other hand, the ability to easily disassemble and repair your Galaxy Buds Plus makes this battery removal process significantly easier. That means whether you want to repair your Galaxy Buds Plus or simply get rid of them when they break, you will have a much easier time doing so responsibly.

What do you think? Does having a higher repairability score make you more likely to purchase the Galaxy Buds Plus? What about the fact that they are easier to recycle?

Does a high reparability score make you more likely to purchase the Galaxy Buds Plus?

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