samsung chaton 2

Samsung’s cross-platform messenger service ChatON has received its most significant update to date.

The update brings many new features and improvements to the ChatON service, which has now hit version 2.0, and is available for Android, iOS, and PC users.

ChatON 2.0 adds a new multiscreen feature to the service that allows users to chat with up to five different devices using a single account. Perhaps the most significant improvement ChatON 2.0 brings is the support for personal computers. Samsung has launched the site, which will allow users to carry on their ChatON conversations from a web browser.

ChatON 2.0 also offers users the ability to chat with their Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo friends by inviting them to the service. Along with the web version of the service, Samsung has improved content sharing for both one-to-one and group conversations. The new version of ChatON also brings a trunk feature, which is basically a virtual place to store content including photos and videos and leave comments on them before sharing them on social networking sites.

Samsung has added a social networking feel to its ChatON service in version 2.0 — users can post status updates, allowing their ChatON friends to know what they are up to and leave comments on their activities.

The Special Buddy feature provides offers, news feeds, and updates from third party vendors in real-time and allows users to cast votes in polls and leave comments in those feeds. Other features added in ChatON 2.0 include the ability to change font styles in chat rooms, the ability to send multiple messages at once, animated icons and messages, and more.

The new and feature-packed ChatON 2.0 is available today in Samsung Apps and the Play Store. The app comes pre-loaded on Samsung devices, while Android users with non-Samsung devices can download it from the Play Store for free.

Varun Raj
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