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Samsung’s experimental C-Lab projects at SXSW look pretty crazy

Samsung is showcasing an app that writes music based on your hums, a collaborative social media app, and VR tech that convinces you you're flying.

Published onMarch 15, 2016

entrim 4d

So awhile back, Samsung came up with an idea to give their employees the opportunity to come up with and develop long-shot and hair-brained ideas with company funding. These “C-Lab” projects are kept under some pretty heavy wraps, but this year at SXSW, the Korean tech company will be unveiling three of the most promising projects this year has produced. These Samsung projects will be on display at Stand 1710 in Exhibit Hall 2 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX from March 13 to March 16, and we’ve gotta admit… they’re pretty damn cool.

Android Authority is at SXSW!

Hum On!

Hum On! is a curious little toy that puts symphony creation into the hands of the everyman. From toddler to maestro, anyone can compose melodious, complex musical pieces using only their own vocal cords.

Users turn on the app and hum a little diddy of their own creation. The Samsung app records the hum and transcribes it into musical notation. You can then playback the arrangement using a number of different instruments. What’s more, the app uses analysis software to compensate for your terrible pitch. It can also compose background scores on the fly to accompany your main riff. Suddenly, creating copyright-infringement-free music for your online videos just got a hell of a lot easier.

Before music buffs start ruffling their feathers everywhere, we’re certain this is no replacement for conventionally composed musical scores. Still, it’s a very cool piece of tech that lowers the entry level for musical experimentation.


Waffle is a little bit harder to describe. It’s a social media platform that focuses on collaboration. Users can build waffle-like grids of related content to create a kind of shared digital experience. For example, as provided in the showcase video, a user might wish someone a happy birthday by posting a picture of them. Other users are free to add a doodle or photo to the areas surrounding the image. Whether or not Waffle is successful leans heavily on whether it finds an audience of highly engaged and active users who are interested in this kind of collaborative, personal content creation.

Entrim 4D

Right now, the virtual reality experience is a medium that focuses on vision and hearing. However, we have so many other senses that stand ready for manipulation – way more than the traditional five. What Entrim 4D attempts to do is trick the part of your inner ear that regulates balance and motion. Through the use of Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation, the device sends electric signals to nerves in your inner ear to sync up your sense of balance with what’s happening in the VR experience. The developers teamed up with Drone FPV, and test users fed video and motion data from a drone’s sensors reported that they felt like they were flying. It looks like a potentially awesome advance for VR, but we imagine that the people that VR already made sick might be even more prone to nausea when this tech starts playing with their inner ear.


All in all, we’re already looking at some pretty cool stuff coming out of SXSW, and we’re just getting started. Stay tuned to Android Authority as we cover all the creative and innovative ideas coming out of this event. And as always, let us know your thoughts on these C-Lab projects in the comments below!

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