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Yesterday Samsung showcased a 6GB RAM chip at a Mobile Solutions Form event in Shenzhen, China. While 6GB of RAM isn’t a totally new thing for smartphones, it’s definitely a spec that is far from mainstream, and what puts this chip above existing models is that it’s packed into a tiny 10nm form.

Although nothing has been confirmed by Samsung, some are theorizing that this 10nm 6GB LPDDR4 could power the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. Advances in processors and RAM chips are currently crucial to the evolution of mobile devices, because lithium ion battery technology is essentially at a standstill. While chips are still advancing in relative accordance with Moore’s Law, we need some kind of substantial battery breakthrough to be able to store power in a smaller, cost-efficient manner. Ergo, currently the best way to keep battery life in stride with more demanding components is to make high power chips smaller and more efficient. Not only does that leave more room in the device to be devoted to the battery, but it also assures that power will be used more efficiently.

Samsung is a titan in the flash memory realm, and with the unveiling of this chip, it looks as though they will be able to remain in this position of authority over the coming years. But what are your thoughts regarding this 6GB DRAM chip? Game changer or just the next step in the evolutionary chain of smartphone memory? Let us know your opinions in the comments!