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Build your smart home on a Roborock Vacuum

A smart vacuum is where it’s at, especially a smart vacuum from Roborock.

Published onNovember 25, 2019

roborock comp

The robots are coming to take over the world this holiday season. We’ve got smart light switches, smart microwaves, and smart everything else. But why? Smart versions of all of those things are simple and they still need human interaction to really work. A smart vacuum is where it’s at, especially a smart vacuum from Roborock.

A smart vacuum is a perfect gadget for building your smart home, because honestly, who likes to vacuum? Let a robot do it while you finish up your holiday shopping. There are a lot of contenders in the market, but in a battle of the robot vacuums, the Roborock lineup rolls away as winners.

There are options for any budget, especially with Black Friday deals.

Order, not chaos

roborock vacuum

Most robot vacuums bounce from wall to wall like a pinball — it’s a terrible way to clean! How do you know that your vacuum isn’t missing spots, and what if you trip over it? It just has disaster written all over it. The same goes for robot lawnmowers, but that’s a complaint for a different day.

The smart vacuums in the Roborock lineup leave that chaos and mess behind. Every model from the E2 to the S6 packs built-in algorithms and software to plan a route ahead of time. Your Roborock will carefully track back and forth to cover every inch of your floor efficiently.

Clean on your own schedule

roborock on carpet

Smart devices don’t need to act like they have a mind of their own. You wouldn’t want your lights turning on and off at will. Don’t pick a vacuum that runs randomly either. You can schedule when and where your Roborock does it’s dirty work easily.

If you have a child that needs to lay down for nap time, schedule your Roborock to be on the other side of the house. Dinner time? Have your Roborock clean up the floors afterward. We can’t all have Alfred as our butler, but a quiet and quick robot vacuum seems like it would fit right in on Batman’s utility belt.

New surface, no sweat

roborock vacuum another

Smart vacuums need to be smart, right? We already know that the Roborock can be scheduled to clean whenever you want it to, but how does it do when it comes to switching surfaces? To put it simply, it glides. The same algorithms that plan the cleaning route also look ahead for surface changes.

It wouldn’t be very smart if your vacuum toppled down the stairs, so you can also plan no-go zones and virtual barriers for your Roborock. It’s almost the holidays and you wouldn’t want your vacuum chewing up the decorations, so just set up a virtual barrier and take it down later.

The S6 packs enough power to clean for three hours without charging, and enough suction to scoop up AA batteries like candy. The E2 has a smaller battery and slightly less suction, but you’ll only have to empty the massive dustbin occasionally.

Now that you already know you need a Roborock, let’s talk deals. Black Friday is the perfect time to upgrade your cleaning game because the whole lineup is discounted. The base-level E2 robot vacuum, is available at $199 from November 25 through December 1, perfect for entry into the smart home game. Roborock’s newest model, the Roborock S4m will also be $100 off its original price during this period. Visit Roborock’s website for more information on these amazing savings!