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Riptide GP 2 for Android full review

Riptide GP was a great one and now Vector Unit has released the sequel, Riptide GP 2. We're taking a closer look to see if it's better than the first!

Published onJuly 23, 2013

Riptide GP 2

Riptide GP was a really good game. In fact, it was so good that it made our Best Racing Games for Android list. Vector Unit has just put the finishing touches on the sequel, Riptide GP 2, and we’re going to take a closer look at it. Can it live up to its predecessor? That’s the question we’ll be answering in our full review of Riptide GP 2 for Android.

Riptide GP 2 Harbor

Riptide GP 2 game play

The game play for Riptide GP 2 should feel really familiar for fans of the first game. The tilt controls and the physics haven’t changed much from the first iteration. You can switch to touch controls if you’d like, but even those still feel like the older game. So in terms of controls, nothing much has changed there. We will say that the controls do feel better and the tilt sensitivity is a fun setting to play with, but fans of the first won’t get any surprises.

The first large, noticeable change from the first game is the new tricks system. In Riptide GP 2, you can unlock a number of fun tricks through game play. You can then take the ones you’ve unlocked and set which ones your rider can actually do. They’re performed by using various screen swipes using both hands. As with the first game, tricks produce boost power, but the more complicated the trick, the more boost you get.

Perhaps the best new features in terms of game play is the depth. In Riptide GP 2, there are a couple of ways to play. You can race in career mode, which features over 30 races and a total of 102 stars to earn. There is also an online multiplayer mode where you can race head to head against opponents. You can even invite up to 3 friends to race you. Each race earns you XP, which is used to level up and unlock new tricks, and money, which can be used to upgrade the jet ski.

Along with races, there are 9 new jet skis to unlock and buy. Each jet ski can then be upgraded. Each one can be customized by changing colors. Vector Unit obviously put a lot of work into the behind-the-scenes part of the game. So you’re not just racing to race. You have things to unlock, jet skis to upgrade, and new jet skis to buy. That’s a lot more than Riptide GP.

The last important thing we want to talk about is Google Play Games Services. They have been integrated into Riptide GP 2. You can earn achievements using your Google+ profile and even invite people in your circles to come race with you. So on top of everything else, there is Play Games integration. That’s just super.

Riptide GP 2

Riptide GP 2 graphics and sound

The graphics in Riptide GP 2 are actually really good. They are sharp, colorful, and they even included that cool water-on-the-camera graphic they used in the first game. According to Vector Unit, the game will look even better on NVIDIA’s Project Shield. So if you get your hands on one of those, this is another Tegra 4 optimized game to check out. While the graphics are improved, it still looks a lot like the first game.

The sound was passable. That isn’t to say it was bad. It just did what it was supposed to do. Most of the sound effects were well executed and there was nothing really bad about them. There just wasn’t anything exceptional about them either. The music was well done. It did a good job of setting the mood without stealing the show.

Riptide GP 2 Stunt

Riptide GP 2 the good

So here’s what we liked about Riptide GP 2.

  • The game’s phenomenal depth far surpasses that of its predecessor and most current Android games. There is a just a lot to do and we liked that.
  • Play Games Services integration means you can get achievements and invite your circles to play with you.
  • Tricks have gone from being a fun gimmick in the first game to a forefront feature in Riptide GP 2. Learning new tricks and performing them to gain boost have become integral parts of the game.
  • The Play Games Services, jet ski upgrades, changing the jet ski colors, and the tricks add a little more personality to what could have been a bland game.

Riptide GP 2 Menu

Riptide GP 2 the bad

So here is what we didn’t like about Riptide GP 2.

  • The sound effect when you wipe out is terrible. It’s the sound of glass breaking. Now, it seems like nitpicking and it probably is, but the sound effect is so out of place with everything else that it’s worth mentioning.
  • The store to buy in-game money with real money exists and it doesn’t have a lot of options to purchase.
  • There wasn’t really much wrong with the game. Most of the stuff we didn’t like were like our prior two examples. Just little nitpicks. We were unable to find any real deal breakers, just some small stuff.

Riptide GP 2

Final thoughts

We’ll start our final thoughts by saying that Riptide GP 2 was a truly impressive title. There is so much to do and it’s very well put together. The game play, the customization, the Play Games Services integration, and the online multiplayer combined together gives this game a console feeling. Now granted, it’s not like Skyrim. It sure beats the tar out of Duke Nuken Forever, though. Feeling like a console game is kind of like the holy grail for mobile games and Riptide GP 2 does quite well at that.

So would we recommend this game? The answer is yes, we would. Paying $2.99 for a game of this quality is about as far away from a bad decision as you can get. Unless you don’t like jet skis or racing games, that is. It’s arguable one of the best jet ski racing games ever done so kudos to Vector Unit. It’s much better than the first one and the first one made our list for the Best Racing Games for Android. Use the button below to check it out in the Google Play Store!

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